About us

Hello there!
fiyatinedir.net is a service platform established for user information purposes. Our platform, which started to serve on December 28, 2020, has adopted to provide up-to-date price information with 100% accuracy. Our vision is to learn from the information on our site, the menu price of a cafe, the plumber of your neighborhood, the price of an electronic product you want to buy, etc. It is to help you learn the current, affordable price and make a choice by comparing. We want to reach more users by sharing current price information on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. By making product reviews on our Youtube channel over time, we will share the quality of the product with you in line with the price difference.


The services we will provide will be in a wide range, from the menu prices of cafes and restaurants, which are highly preferred in daily life, to the prices of frequently used products, devices, and telecommunication companies that require price research. In addition to this, we aim to present the campaigns, discounts and promotions of the companies under a single roof. We have adopted the rule of presenting appropriate and truly opportunistic posts on our website and social media, not paid advertisements. The only income of our service for now will be Google Adsense ads.